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Snow covered mountains Sapa

[ The fanciful in the fog ]

But twigs, grass, simple roofs were covered with ice and snow. All of "The fanciful in the fog" is surrounded by pure white of the snow. The temperature continues to fall, with snow likely in the high mountain terrain in Sapa town.

Thickest ice area O Quy Ho pass to Silver Waterfall area, waterfalls and on top of Fansipan mountain.

But twigs, grass, simple roofs were covered with ice and snow. Despite the cold to frostbitten, but many visitors have gathered in Sapa to admire the European scene in the land shaped S.

Although immersed in the white of the snow but Sapa town still own inherent private beauty and become the more famous tourist in Vietnam.

Sapa: Honeymoon paradises late fall

Sapa: Honeymoon paradises late fall

Sapa is known as a vacation paradise famous throughout the world. Fresh peaceful space attracts a lot of tourists. The spectacular natural scenery of Sapa attract couples to enjoy a romantic honeymoon and attractive.

Terraced fields transplanting season

Terraced fields transplanting season

In the summer, the North is under the influence of intense sunlight, the Sapa has fresh air, cool. Sapa dreamily in mist at nightfall. When dawn brilliant ground projection. Sapa beautiful gorgeous gown embroidered like lace with delicate lines.