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Fraud Warning

Travelers are kindly advised to be cautious in all dealings with travel agencies that not member of Sapa Express. They are faking websites which attempt to mislead travelers into thinking they are official websites of the Sapa Express.

Many may have a logo or a picture or even an address of the Sapa Express to mislead you into believing that the offices or the websites are managed by the Sapa Express, when they are not. They may require you to pay for services you will not receive in full by contacting you by emails or at their offices to take advantage of their false offers.

Websites are faking Style and Product, they are not our travel agencies

1. http://sapaexpressbus.com ( fake style & product )


2. http://sapasinhexpress.vn ( fake style & trademark )

3. http://sapashuttlebus.com ( fake style )


4. http://greensapabus.com  ( fake style )

5. http://queencafeopenbus.com ( fake product)


We will update the faking list everyday


Finally, you should remember that we just have a website at http://sapaexpress.com , the logos and branch names are registered trademark