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Sapa - One of the most attractive of Vietnam in Southeast Asia

[ Sapa town become famous tourist area ]

Sapa town is interesting holiday resort of  authorities French colonial era. At present, Sapa town become famous tourist area not only Viet Nam but also in the world.

Here, it holds wonders and magics to make passionate human’s heart. The air is fresh and too cool. Row on row of mountains with terraced fields system is one of seven most magnificent terraced fields carefully Europe and the world. Sapa romantic scenery and full fascinating.

Recently, Sapa town is picked one of the places of  Southeast Asia “could change your life”. Like as Sapa town, the travel places as: Phu Quoc island, Mui Ne sand dunes, Cu Chi tunnels and Mekong River delta is too the famous places of Viet Nam with tourist world in the Huffingtonpost magazine.

Terraced fields transplanting season

Terraced fields transplanting season

In the summer, the North is under the influence of intense sunlight, the Sapa has fresh air, cool. Sapa dreamily in mist at nightfall. When dawn brilliant ground projection. Sapa beautiful gorgeous gown embroidered like lace with delicate lines.

Visiting Ham Rong moutain and Cat Cat waterfall

Visiting Ham Rong moutain and Cat Cat waterfall

HamRong Botanical Garden: dont miss the lovely botanical gardens above the main square in town with their spectacular viewpoint from the top. There are fabulous views of the town and the wider landscape as well as tended gardens to visit.

Snow covered mountains Sapa

Snow covered mountains Sapa

But twigs, grass, simple roofs were covered with ice and snow. All of "The fanciful in the fog" is surrounded by pure white of the snow. The temperature continues to fall, with snow likely in the high mountain terrain in Sapa town.