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Sapa is an ideal tourist destination for the first day of winter

[ Sapa town immersed in sea fog ]

In November, Sapa is like being replaced or dress up a new hides many wonders. Sapa is known as the paradise of the world fogging. On top winter appeared, Sapa town immersed in sea fog.

Sapa town in the fog

The vague mist, takes visitors into a surreal world. Fog floating, floating. The fog beans on hand, sitting on lap, iridescent mist deposited on the hair, on each eyelid. Ringed fog in the trees, flowers, grass, dew on spider silk to make up the charming beauty of mountains and sea, captivates visitors. In November, Sapa is like being replaced or dress up a new hides many wonders.

Lao Chai village in Sapa town

Weather of Sapa in November was also colder, but not frostbitten. The sun shines down weakly reinforces lands seemed magical to Sapa.

Ham Rong mountain view

Coming to Sapa town, tourists can not help uttering praise for Sapa town - “The fanciful in the fog”. Only to Sapa, guests can feel the magic of the land here.

Homestay Sapa

Homestay Sapa

Homestay in Sapa is a form of tourist green, you dont just visit that live it.

Terraced fields transplanting season

Terraced fields transplanting season

In the summer, the North is under the influence of intense sunlight, the Sapa has fresh air, cool. Sapa dreamily in mist at nightfall. When dawn brilliant ground projection. Sapa beautiful gorgeous gown embroidered like lace with delicate lines.