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The colors of the flowers on Sapa town

[ The fanciful in the fog ]

Rose Valley in Sapa will be the ideal location for visiting tourists. Valley is surrounded by two mountain Ham Rong Mountain and Fansipan.

Sapa is an ideal tourist destination for the first day of winter

[ Sapa town immersed in sea fog ]

In November, Sapa is like being replaced or dress up a new hides many wonders. Sapa is known as the paradise of the world fogging. On top winter appeared, Sapa town immersed in sea fog.

Things to know when travelling to Sapa

[ Knowledge about Sapa ]

To help you have more knowledge about Sapa, we would like to provide some needed experience for your trip. It is will be very helpful for you. 

Benefits of traveling Sapa by myself

[ Booking a trip to explore the homeland ]

You sure would like to go to a beautiful and safety pieces. One good way is traveling sapa, and to get know many wonderful places, traveling by myself will bring me many new experiences and benefits as well, not only to me but to all of us.

Hotels in Sapa

[ Romantic town with many hotels ]

The Sapa Distric is well known for its beautiful and romantic town with many hotels: Chau Long, Chapa Dew, Victoria, U Sapa, Holidays, Fansipang View, Sunny Mountain

The best time to travel Sapa

[ Special aircraft on the ground ]

The best time to travel Sapa by Sapa bus is called "Special aircraft on the ground" in business class