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Sapas terraced fields one of the seven most magnificent terraced fields

[ Asia and the World ]

Sa Pa is one of the seven most magnificent terraced fields in Asia and the world. Articles on Travel and Leisure Magazine describes: "With great scenery looks like a ladder to climb into the sky of the terraced fields, Sa Pa becomes one of ..

O Quy Ho mountain pass: One of the most beautiful mountain pass of Northwest

[ Hoang Lien Son mountain ]

Viewed from above down, the mountain pass is winding, supple as the silk. Majestic scenery gives pleasure to the tourists. Nothing great than conquering the heights. From the top looking down at the face of the earth and sky splendor, people become ..

Sapa Trail: One of the ten most amazing trails around the world

[ The trails is very beautifull ]

On May, 2011, the travel guide publisher, Lonely Planet Travel has announced the 10 most amazing trails around the world for travelers who like easy walking during day, including Sapa walking routes of Vietnam.

Sapa: One of the top 10 most attractive destinations in Vietnam

[ The famous tourist town ]

Sapa is a famous tourist town located in the Lao Cai Province. At a height of 1.560 meters above sea level, Sapa contains many hidden wonders of natural landscape with mountain, hills, green trees and terraces.

Terraced fields transplanting season

[ Sapa beautiful gorgeous gown embroidered ]

In the summer, the North is under the influence of intense sunlight, the Sapa has fresh air, cool. Sapa dreamily in mist at nightfall. When dawn brilliant ground projection. Sapa beautiful gorgeous gown embroidered like lace with delicate lines.

Gorgeous cherry blossoms in Sapa town

[ The beauty of cherry flowers ]

Cherry blossoms are grown primarily in the Xuan Vien lakeside campus. The beauty of it is that visitors can not look away. It spite of the freezing between the mountains of Sapa.

Snow covered mountains Sapa

[ The fanciful in the fog ]

But twigs, grass, simple roofs were covered with ice and snow. All of "The fanciful in the fog" is surrounded by pure white of the snow. The temperature continues to fall, with snow likely in the high mountain terrain in Sapa town.

Visiting Ham Rong moutain and Cat Cat waterfall

[ Botanical garden ]

HamRong Botanical Garden: dont miss the lovely botanical gardens above the main square in town with their spectacular viewpoint from the top. There are fabulous views of the town and the wider landscape as well as tended gardens to visit.

Homestay Sapa

[ The tourist green ]

Homestay in Sapa is a form of tourist green, you dont just visit that live it.

Beautiful views of Ham Rong mountain in Sapa town

[ The flowers bloom all year round ]

Ham Rong Mountain is one of the most beautiful tourist attractions of the town of Sapa. Ham Rong Mountain is rounded by clouds. Here the flowers bloom all year round.

Cat Cat village in Sapa

[ Mong people ]

Cat Cat village is the village of Mong people. The villlage is located 2 km from the town of Sapa. One of the attractions of Sapa tourist attractions.

Fanxipan mountain: The season of rhododendron flowers

[ Beautiful blooming rhododendron forest ]

On the road to conquer the "Roof of Indochina", visitors can admire the beauty of rhododendron flowers in the mountain Northwest.

Sapa: Honeymoon paradises late fall

[ A romantic honeymoon ]

Sapa is known as a vacation paradise famous throughout the world. Fresh peaceful space attracts a lot of tourists. The spectacular natural scenery of Sapa attract couples to enjoy a romantic honeymoon and attractive.

The colors of the flowers on Sapa town

[ The fanciful in the fog ]

Rose Valley in Sapa will be the ideal location for visiting tourists. Valley is surrounded by two mountain Ham Rong Mountain and Fansipan.

Adventure Cat Cat village and Ta Phin village

[ Unique cultures of ethnic minorities ]

On Saturday night, we highly recommend a stop at the Love Market which is one of unique cultures of ethnic minorities HMong, Dzao in Lao Cai in particular and North West of Vietnam in general.

Sapa is an ideal tourist destination for the first day of winter

[ Sapa town immersed in sea fog ]

In November, Sapa is like being replaced or dress up a new hides many wonders. Sapa is known as the paradise of the world fogging. On top winter appeared, Sapa town immersed in sea fog.

Highway from Noi Bai - Lao Cai official activities

[ The largest highway projects ]

On 21th Sept 2014 issuing traffic and put into operation the Noi Bai Lao Cai highway. This is one of the largest highway projects in Vietnam passing through Hanoi and Vinh Phu, Phu Tho, Yen Bai and Lao Cai.

Travel to Sapa by Open bus of Sapa Express

[ Special aircraft on the ground ]

Open bus noble limousine 28 seats of Sapa Express is called "Special aircraft on the ground"

Sapa Lao Cai attract tourists

[ The tourist attraction ]

For the eco-tourism: Sapa, TaVan, Lao Chai, Bac Ha and Lao Cai are still tourist attraction. The total number of visitors to Lao Cai in 2015 about 2,500,000 passengers, reaching 150% of the plan, up 80% compared to 2013

Sapa organized recreational activities to welcome the New Year 2015

[ Cultural activities ]

On the occasion of New Year 2015, the DPC held Sapa has directed a lot of cultural activities: sports, entertainment catering to locals and tourists to visit.

Sapa welcome New Year

[ Christmas season ]

Sapa tours not only attract visitors by the cold, but also by the ancient beauty of Sapa. Christmas season, churches fog coating, optical pulse covered with white snow. Sapa Christmas like a miniature Europe, romantic.

Famtrip: Love connection

[ Flirting ]

During the trip, the delegates had the interesting experience of the landscape, learn about traditional culture unique to humans Northeast: Dong Van Plateau, mansion Wang, Ma Pi Leng Pass, couple Quang Ba mountain, community tourism Nam Dam, ..

Set up hotline support tourists in Lao Cai

[ Capture and quickly resolve issues ]

The Department of Culture - Sports and Tourism of Lao Cai province has officially set up a hotline to receive timely feedback and recommendations from tourists. Through this information to capture and quickly resolve issues related to tourism ..

The tourists arrive Sapa on the increase

[ Inbound is expected to rise ]

To welcome visitors in the near future, the authorities conducted in Sapa test and evaluation services resident services, tourism in the district; guided family travel community in Ban Ho, Lao Chai, Ta Van, Ta Phin well prepared conditions to ..

U Sapa Hotel: New four stars hotel in Sapa

[ The heart of city ]

With great scene of Sapa, hotels was built to serve the travelers in the world when they arrive Sapa, among them had U Sapa Hotel - a four stars new hotel in Sapa. The U Sapa hotel was inaugurated on 2/8/2014.

Sapa organizes a unique festival with “flower garland and coloured lanterns”

[ lower garland and coloured lanterns ]

This festival with “flower garland and coloured lanterns” is arranged once a year to raise the living standards of people; enhance patriotic movement and attract more and more traveller.

Sapa bus follows Noi Bai Lao Cai highway

[ Special aircraft on the ground ]

From now, you should get on bus from Hanoi to Sapa. It is more useful than other vehicle. We would like to introduce Sapa Express bus - Noble Limousine 28 seats are called "Special aircraft on the ground" for your Sapa trip following Noi Bai - Lao ..

Things to know when travelling to Sapa

[ Knowledge about Sapa ]

To help you have more knowledge about Sapa, we would like to provide some needed experience for your trip. It is will be very helpful for you. 

Benefits of traveling Sapa by myself

[ Booking a trip to explore the homeland ]

You sure would like to go to a beautiful and safety pieces. One good way is traveling sapa, and to get know many wonderful places, traveling by myself will bring me many new experiences and benefits as well, not only to me but to all of us.

Hotels in Sapa

[ Romantic town with many hotels ]

The Sapa Distric is well known for its beautiful and romantic town with many hotels: Chau Long, Chapa Dew, Victoria, U Sapa, Holidays, Fansipang View, Sunny Mountain

The best time to travel Sapa

[ Special aircraft on the ground ]

The best time to travel Sapa by Sapa bus is called "Special aircraft on the ground" in business class

Sapa - One of the most attractive of Vietnam in Southeast Asia

[ Sapa town become famous tourist area ]

Sapa town is interesting holiday resort of  authorities French colonial era. At present, Sapa town become famous tourist area not only Viet Nam but also in the world.

Recreate space love market Sapa every evening Saturday

[ Reconstruct spatial love market Sapa ]

This activity is significance when the number of tourists to Sapa growing, creating more space for visitors traveling to the resort in Sapa.

The buffalo fighting in Festival Lunar New Year at Bao Thang

[ Festival lunar new year ]

In the spring of the Lunar New Year, the local festival celebrated opening spring. The most attractive is the opportunity buffalo fighting in Bao Thang province on 28th Feb to 1st Mar 2015.

Open bus Sapa noble limousine 28 seats

[ Special aircraft on the ground ]

Our bus transfer and tour guide will pick you up at Hanoi Old Quarter then come to 12 Ly Thai To street depart to Sapa by Luxury Bus - Noble Limousine 28 seats is called "Special aircraft on the ground", following Noi Bai Lao Cai highway.